Papadiamantis house


The museums of Skiathos are unique since they can be found on important landmarks of the island that would have to be visited irrespectively.
Skiathos’ Maritime and Cultural Tradition Museum introduces
you to the remarkable nautical and naval history of the island.
The museum can be visited in the Bourtzi peninsula that
divides and at the same time joins the old with the new port
and it is housed in the iconic edifice built in 1906 as the first
Primary School of Skiathos.

Papadiamantis House - Museum is an unadorned home as
befits the man who used the littlest of the material world
while being the greatest of the literary one.

At the Museum of the Monastery of Evangelistria one can
partake in the impressive post-byzantine tradition of Skiathos
through the religious history recounted by the sacred relics
and images.
“Skiathitiko Spiti” was established by a private initiative and
it’s where you can experience first-hand the way of life of the
Skiathians of the previous century.

Honored by the Academy of Athens for his life’s work and
then awarded the State Poetry Prize, Zisis Oikonomou
bequeathed his home to the Municipality of Skiathos
that in turn transformed it into a museum to honour this
distinguished man of Skiathian intelligentsia.
Papadiamantis House

Τhe house where Alexandros Papadiamantis was born on the
4th of March 1851 doesn’t exist today. It was sold and the
new buyers tore it down. Papadiamantis was raised and died
in the 75m2 house his father built in 1860. It was there that
the whole family of papa (priest) – Diamantis Emmanuel lived:
his 5 kids (3 girls and 2 boys) and his wife Aggeliko Moraiti
– Papadiamanti. The house became a listed building in 1965
under state protection. Repair and maintenance work of the
building took place in 1990. It still remains exactly as it was in
the final days of the great novelist. Today, the old westward
entrance to the house is disused. The entrance to the house
has been moved to the east side, where visitors can go up
the house/museum climbing an external wooden staircase.
The first floor is kept as the residence of Papadiamantis with
authentic furniture and objects of that era while the ground
floor is an exhibition hall with old and new publications of
Papadiamantis’ works.
Papadiamantis House
Skiathos’ Maritime and Cultural Tradition Museum

The Museum of Skiathos’ Maritime and Cultural Tradition
through its permanent collection of more than 600 exhibits
tells the story of the two centuries of Shipbuilding and
Maritime History of Skiathos (παραπομπή). Because of its
geographical position and its safe port, Skiathos was meant
to play an important part both in shipbuilding and in maritime
tradition. The residents of Skiathos have been uninterruptedly
and continuously engaging with seafaring for centuries. Τhe
Museum also houses a small feature on the Navy and the
history of the Lambros Katsonis submarine that was sunk off
the coast of Skiathos in 1943.
Skiathos’ Maritime and Cultural Tradition Museum
“Skiathitiko Spiti” (House in Skiathos)

One of the must-see attractions of Skiathos, a small family
museum modelled on the houses that make an exhibit out of
themselves. A two-storey stone house of 1910 in Polytechniou
street: conceived by a family as a place where the visitor can
be guided though the ancestral house filled with heirlooms,
traditional costumes, objects and pictures.

The interior of the house is where things get interesting as a
lot of furniture and belongings of that same family have been
preserved from the end of the 19th century. In the beginning
of the 20th century, some of the family’s ancestors emigrated
to Newport in the USA. That’s why a lot of pictures as well
as gifts and objects sent over from there can be found in the
house today. All this creates a fascinating and unique cultural
blend not to be missed.
“Skiathitiko Spiti” (House in Skiathos)
Zisis Oikonomou Museum

Zisis Oikonomou is one of the most prominent post-war personalities of Skiathos. The well-travelled and multilingual poet and philosopher received an award in 1977 by the Academy of Athens and in 1995 was honoured with the State Poetry Prize.

With his public will, he bequeathed amongst other things his family home to the Municipality of Skiathos for cultural use. The Municipality of Skiathos has transformed his residence into “Zisis Oikonomou Museum” with his personal items and works in order to showcase Oikonomou’s rich cultural heritage.

The museum was inaugurated in 2023 and provides information about the life and work of Zisis Oikonomou in 9 languages with augmented reality. The option of a virtual tour of the museum is offered at this link

Museum of the Monastery of Evangelistria
Museum of the Monastery of Evangelistria

The Library and the Folklore Museum of the Monastery of
Evangelistria boast a multitude of relics, a truly great sacred
treasure. There is also an impressive collection of musical
instruments from all over the world and rare and priceless
manuscripts, letters, books etc of the last five centuries. Sacred
Relics of many saints can be found in the Monastery Temple,
mostly donated by Admiral Lazaros Kountouriotis in 1823 in
recognition of the great contribution of the Monastery in
the liberation of the Greek nation. Moreover, a magnificent
collection of folklore items graces the Museum as well as many
objects used by our heroic ancestors such as the collection
of the late Markos Botsaris and many others entrusted by
Skiathians to the Monastery for safekeeping.

The Monastery of Evangelistria in Skiathos is one of the most
distinguished and significant monuments not only in Skiathos
but on a panhellenic scale for many reasons, the wealth of the
relics displayed in its museum included.
Museum of the Monastery of Evangelistria