Hellenistic Era (323 BC - 30 BC)

The island pops back up historically during the years of Philip
V of Macedon (279-238 BC) who at the time was in war with
the Romans. Skiathos suffered a lot at the time because it was
all around it that the warfare unfolded.

During the Second Macedonian War in 200 BC, Philip gives
the order to destroy both Skiathos and Skopelos, so that they
don’t fall into the wrong hands. Indeed, on the same year, the
Roman fleet and the fleet of Attalus I, a Roman ally, reach
the island and loot everything left standing after Philip’s

Despite the great extent of the destruction, the town recovered quickly and in 197 BC with the defeat of Philip II by the Romans in the battle of Cynoscephalae, democracy was restored.

Hellenistic Era (323 BC - 30 BC)
Upon the dissolution of the Macedonian state in 168 BC, the whole of Greece was enslaved by the Romans who nonetheless granted some degree of freedom to the Greek city-states. Skiathos was submitted to the Romans in 146 BC and aided them in their military operations. In 42 BC, after the battle of Philippi, the winner Roman Emperor Mark Antony gifted Skiathos and some other islands to the Athenians to thank them for their friendship. The islands stayed under the Athenian influence during the years of the Emperor Hadrian as well. During the years that followed, Skiathos lived peacefully and prospered under a democratic regime again, until the arrival of the long-running and turbulent Byzantine era.