Prehistoric Times (3000 BC - 800 BC)

The history of Skiathos has deep roots and begins in prehistoric
times. The beauty of the environment, the safe and spacious
harbour that’s protected by four verdant isles, its rich
land and sea, made Skiathos a very attractive settlement for
the moving tribes during the prehistoric times. It was a resting
stop both for the Argonauts on their way to Colchis and the
Hellenic fleet under the command of Agamemnon during its
campaign against Troy.

According to what’s written in the “Periegesis” (World Survey) by Hecateus of Miletus, the island was inhabited during the prehistoric times by the Pelasgians, a pre-Hellenic people that came from Thrace and built the old, fortified settlement named “Palaiskiathos” in “Kefalas” area (where Xanemos is today). That’s the area where the University of Thessaly is holding excavations since 2009 (

However, it is a possibility that, before the Pelasgians, Skiathos island was inhabited by Carians, an ancient people of Asia Minor, that according to Thucydides settled in many Greek islands during those ancient times.

Prehistoric Times (3000 BC - 800 BC)
After that, it was probably inhabited by the Cretans who we know had taken over the neighbouring Peparethus (today called Skopelos) and Skyros. They were the ones to bring the olive and grapevine cultivation to the island. This deduction is also supported by the fact that one of the names attributed to Dionysus -who was worshipped in islands taken over by the Cretans- is “Skiathios”, a name that clearly brings to mind Skiathos island.