Skiathos is accessible and inclusive

Special Olympics Hellas

Special Olympics Hellas is part of Special Olympics
International, which for half a century now stretches in over
192 countries all over the world with the goal of achieving
social inclusion for people with cognitive impairments through
sports by organising athletic, educational and cultural projects
that embrace Special Olympics athletes and their families.
Special Olympics Hellas is running various coaching programs
with an increased presence in different Greek cities and 8
simultaneous programs -one of the most fundamental of
which is the Development one. The Development Program
with a duration of 3 years is sponsored by Stavros Niarchos
Foundation and aims to create new athletic programs in 21
cities. To this day, 12 sports and 37 coaching programs in
collaboration with 72 special schools have been developed in
8 Municipalities, Skiathos being one of the 8.

Changing Rooms

The Municipality of Skiathos placed spiral changing rooms on
its beaches. These changing rooms convey an environmental
message and display a QR code leading to historical and more
info relative to the island of Skiathos.

The changing rooms were designed to meet the needs of
modern hygiene and ensure constant ventilation and sunlight,
making it the most appropriate type of changing room for
beaches during the COVID19- living conditions. It should also
be noted that the cubicles are suitable for PWD or People
with Reduced Mobility. It’s a Greek product that earned the
Tourism Award for innovation and an OBI (Hellenic Industrial
Property Organisation) patent.
Public Restrooms

The Municipality of Skiathos has placed chemical toilets for
PWD and People with Reduced Mobility in two of the most
central spots of the town of Skiathos.

More specifically:

- Next to the 1st Elementary School and the Park in the New
Port (operating hours: early morning till dusk)

- Next to the Community Centre at the end of the Old Port
(operating hours: 16:00-08:00)

The Municipality of Skiathos has placed SEATRAC in 4 of the
most popular beaches of the island: Megali Ammos, Agia
Paraskevi, Koukounaries and Agia Eleni.

SEATRAC is the only solution worldwide for autonomous sea
access for people with disabilities and mobility issues. It was
created to function as a technological assistant that allows
everyone to enjoy swimming unassisted. SEATRAC functions
using solar energy and thus it is an environmentally friendly and
completely autonomous system.
Accessible Route

The Municipality of Skiathos is collaborating with “Paths of
Greece”, a company that recently completed the study and
designing of the trail network of Skiathos. The walking trails of
Skiathos, their total length exceeding 100 kilometres, will be
ready soon. For more info click here.

This very important project involves an even more significant
innovation: One of the 15 trail routes offers unhindered
accessibility. It’s the first time that a trail route accessible to
PWD has been designed in Greece. Moreover, this route can
be found on one of the most famous places in Skiathos: the
natural reserve of Koukounaries, part of the NATURA 2000
Accessible Parking

The Municipality of Skiathos has created 5 free Accessible Parking spots.
  • 2 spots inside the port (entry from the point of arrival of the ferry boats)
  • 2 spots in the promenade (next to the taxi stand)
  • 1 spot in the beginning of Papadiamanti Street (opposite the High School)
Extra Milers

The Municipality of Skiathos is part of the ExtraMilers
platform, the first accessibility database for the Greek islands.
ExtraMilers aims to showcase and promote accessible tourism
in the Greek islands through a comprehensive information
network that ensures people with disabilities’ right to tourism,
based on the international accessibility standards for in an
effort to combat discrimination and improve living conditions
for people with disabilities in the island. Skiathos is among the
first five islands to be a part of the platform.

This is an Agoni Grammi Gonimi initiative sponsored by
Microsoft. Scientific collaborators who ensure the validity of
the information on the platform are: Lara, Greek Guide-Dog
School for the Blind, and Perpato, Association of People with
Motor Difficulties and Friends.