A couple of centuries ago, men and women used to wear the
traditional Skiathian costume.

The men were wearing breeches and a big fez with a long
tassel. Their dress looked like the one worn in Hydra. A few
years after the Revolution of 1821 though, they started
replacing their breeches with trousers and doublets. In a very
short period of time, the displacement of the traditional male
costume was generalised and it’s been almost a hundred years
since the last “breecher” of Skiathos passed away. That’s the
reason why the traditional male costume of Skiathos cannot
even be described today.

Women maintained the traditional costume maybe because they were somewhat more conservative than men, or because their dresses were prettier and more valuable than men’s or maybe even because there weren’t any seamstresses at the time.

The main features of the bridal or festive dress of Skiathos were the precious materials, the colour rotation and its distinctive quality. The dress consisted of a white silk shirt, an outer red silk shirt, a red multifold gown in a multicoloured/gold embroidery and a silk scarf worn around the waist. The costume also had a dark blue waistcoat, a yellow scarf and a white silk fichu.