Georgios Rigas

Georgios Rigas was born in Skiathos on the 20th of November
1884, and he was related to Papadiamantis on his mother’s
side. He studied for two years in the Varvakeio School, where
Alexandros Moraitidis taught at the time, and in 1901, he
graduated from the School of Athens. With his knowledge of
byzantine and european music, he was interested from the
start in the Church Rites, as the tradition of psalms of the
strict Kollyvades was very active in the island. At the same
year, he became a teacher in Skiathos until 1940. In 1920, he
studied for a year in a Hieratic School, he was ordained and
became straight away an “Oikonomos” and “Archpriest and
Warden” of Skiathos. He died in Athens on the 11th of July
1960 and was buried in his island with the participation of all
the residents.
Georgios Rigas
From early on, he dutifully and meticulously collected information on the folklore of his island, while showing his love for the byzantine music and hymns. He was also very close to the two Alexanders of Skiathos, something that later helped him in his spiritual endeavours. Until his very old age, the Archpriest was a restless and creative researcher, a methodical teacher and an exceptional priest who, on top of everything else, managed to preserve the age-old byzantine religious music and hymns. His presence has forever left its mark on Skiathos.