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Papadiamanti's House


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The house where Alexandros Papadiamantis was born on 4th March 1851 does not exist today. It was sold and the new owners put it down.
Papadiamantis grew up and died in the new house his father built in 1860, as it is said on a built-in inscription on one of its walls. This house is located about 100 metres inland from the eastern coast of the city, in a narrow street which is a dead-end. It could be said that it is a sidestreet of the present Papadiamanti street.


The smallest room on the right was in the begining a priest's room where Adamantios, Alexandros' father, kept his books and his vestments. Later it belonged to Alexandros and he used it as a bedroom and a study. It was absolutely like a monastery cell with a window, a built-in cupboard and his narrow and small bed. Right opposite the entrance, there is the living-room of the house with a coloured diamond-shaped design on the ceiling as the only decoration.


The house is generally a simple, austere island house. Today the old entrance of the house which is on the western side is closed. The entrance side and the visitors enter the house - museum through external wooden stairs.


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