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Traditional Skiathos Dance


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Among the vast majority of the folk songs of Skiathos, most are narrative. The beginning of these songs refers to the Middle Ages. The most characteristic of these is "Kamara".
This song is sung in a specific Skiathan dance which is also called "Kamara". In the past, this dance was the most popular and beloved dance among women, who danced it wearing their most formal dress and with much grace after the Second Resuyyection and on the feast of Agios Georgios.

The dance was performed on the terrace of Kastro, when the people lived there. When they came down and built the new city, they danced "Kamara" in the threshing floors and later in Agia Triada. As the priest Giorgios Rigas wrote, "every verse of the sung with the same melody and repetitions and with a refrain. As a refrain, they use couplets laudatory of love, with the same metre as that of the stressed part".

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