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Wandering in the Aegean Paradise

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wanderers_in_skiathosWe  are offering more than summer, sun, beaches and the sea! Of all the islands in the Northern Aegean Sea , only Skiathos  offers:
25 well marked wandering paths....complete 197Km !
-         from easy to slightly difficult
-         from 1 to 6 hours wandering time
-         through fascinating nature, with wonderful panoramic views and romantic picnic spots.
-    past historic sites of Skiathos island
-         guided wandering
- New in Skiathos...Geocaching ( look by www.geocaching.com ) and routes for Mountainbiking !Wanderers, obtain the "Papadiamantis Wanderer's Medal"! Each wande

ring trail has a special wandering code, which you can make a note of . Whoever can show evidence of 12 wanderings trails, receive a gift
and a certificate from the Community of Skiathos. Whoever can show evidence of all 24 wanderings trails, will in addition, also receive a certifikate and the " Papadiamantis Wanderer's Medal "

For this purpose a special book is at your disposal:  Island- and Wandering Guide with a Map of Skiathos.

Herein all wandering paths are marked and described in detail. Available in all bookshops, hotels and room rentals etc. on Skiathos.

Furthermore experienced  guides are available with whom you can arrange guided wandering events. You can also book a Jeep-Photo-Safari, for breathtaking landscape photos in a unique and magnificent nature.

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 Experience the wandering months of April, May and October on one of the greenest and most beautiful islands of Greece amidst n

Wanderers!   On to Skiathos!  In plane for future : National and international wanderingdays of people on Skiathos and contest's for Mountainbiking !ature abundant with flowers and herbs which will enrapture you with their fragrance. Few hotels and apartment rentals makes special prises for wanderers.

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